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    Default should I call/text....ex

    was in a relationship 3 years a go for 6 months with a girl, treated her like absolute crap, I was in a party stage of my life and just wanted to go out with my friends and get wasted. She loved me and was "obsessed" with me. I broke up with her and she was devastated. She moved to school and hour a way and i would only pick up her calls when she came home once a month so i could bang her. She always begged me to go to her dances at school, weddings, dates etc. etc.

    Then I got a girlfriend for 2 years and me being an idiot i still banged the first girl once in a great while, and still talked to her weekly. I got caught, it was bad, but somehow I managed to keep my girlfriend. I called the first girl and said "sorry i can talk to you for as long as i am in this relationship" hung up and blocked her #.

    Well that lasted for 1 year. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I have realized that i like the first girl, she actually cared about and I want to hangout with her.

    I texted her (first contact in 1 year)

    me:Hey its hockey
    her: ooo long time no talk
    me: yeah i finally got rid of that girl
    her: I cant believe you were with her
    me: yeah she was crazy i finally got her out of my house
    her: alrighty, whatever.
    me: ill call you later tonight when I get home from work

    this was on a monday, i never called her. I wanted her to chase and for the ball to be in my court. She finally called friday, "WHY DIDNT YOU CALL ME? you said you were gonna call??"

    so we have been talking on the phone here and there, she has brought up little things about are previous sexual history like, "i know this is a weird question...but why wouldnt you even cum in me??" she has talked about how she wants me to take her out on a date etc. Everything seems good right?

    well we set up a time to hangout, she is home for 2 days over thanksgiving. and she blew me off....i think.

    this is how it went.

    Me: you home?
    her: yup
    Me: come over at 8
    her. Why 8 lol
    me: i just got home and wanna take a nap, come earlier if you want.
    her: I have to see what my family has planned and stuff.
    me: let me know either way so i can figure out what im doing.

    never called, never texted back. WTF

    I actually really like this girl....what do i do?

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    Default Re: should I call/text....ex

    I'm going to assume you want an LTR with this girl. In that case you can't sweat the small stuff. You got your head games to get her to chase you, well women are the original pickup artists, so she may be doing the same. Maybe not.

    Regardless you have to let her know that's she's special to you and get real with her eventually. Slowly let her in. Like a movie, slowly revealing important plot points to draw her in to what you're really thinking. Use push/pull. Tell her one minute that she's amazing and you want her, the next minute tell her that you can't and aren't sure what kind of person she is.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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