In a bit of a quandary here about a girl I'm gaming at the moment. Things have been going well(ish) with her, no f close yet but enough IOIs for me to believe she is interested, but she is holding back and I can't break her down.

Was round a mates today and he asked me how it was going with said girl, I said honestly its tough with her, I'm not sure where I stand. Now he and his wife know this girl, so I asked my mates missus if there is anything I should be aware of, like is she not long out of a relationship.... to which she answers "it's complicated", my mate clarifies this by simply saying yes she is not long out of a relationship and that she dumped him. I asked if I pursue this am I going to get burnt, my mate and his missus say probably not, however life has taught me to be wary and has also made me wonder if this is why she is holding back.

Am wondering how to play this, I am seeing her on Tuesday, she invited me to an art gallery, to which I am probably going to invite a couple of girls who I know love the artist, though am sure we will get a brief bit of time alone. Am wondering if I should

A) just let it go and play along like I know nothing or that it isn't a problem
B) give her an opportunity to talk about it by saying something along the lines of: look I get the feeling there is something you are not telling me about yourself which is important is there anything I should know?
C) just call her out on it (my gut says this is bad), maybe: look I know you are not long out of a relationship...... (I wouldn't even know how to follow this up)
D) something else entirely