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    Default Getting girl back to yours when she doesnt live close by?

    Got a quick question about getting a girl back to my place. I know conventional thinking says just assume you are going back to your place and lead the way, however I dont think it is that easy in this situation. Going to meet a girl in town tomorrow but we dont live that close to each other, its not like she can just swing home in the morning before work, if she was going to stay at mine she would need to bring spare clothes etc.

    Keen to try to get her round to crash at mine but not sure how to entice her, we haven't f'd yet and she is playing it quite coy with me. Was thinking about simply asking her what her plans were for tomorrow after we have met up at the art gallery and when she tells me I'll just say her plans are boring and that she should come back to mine instead. Or is there a better idea out there?

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    Default Re: Getting girl back to yours when she doesnt live close by?

    You need to give her two things 1) comfort and familiarity, and 2) a draw / something that is interesting.

    So, if you are going to the art gallery, she must like that stuff. Is there anything you can follow up with her that is related? Perhaps an artsy bar around you, that has art, or is frequented by artsy types. Just tell her, hey, now that we are doing the art thing, I want to show you this place that has cool artwork, etc. Even if she doesn't go home with you that night (given the clothes problems, etc)... she is becoming more familiar with your area so next time it becomes more ok.

    You should also have some thing that would interest her to see to make that trek to your apartment. Perhaps a cool old movie that is related that you want to show her, your own artwork, your photography, whatever... pick up on an interest she has, and figure out what do say is at your place that would interst her... "i want to show you..."

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