Right well im not most confident guy in the world and i cant lie but im slightly insecure. But i met a couple of lovely girls at my job a week ago, and added them on facebook the usual stuff.

Then i met them at college and completly forgot to ask for there numbers so if facebooked one of them asking for there numbers but she completly blanked and ignored me, yet was talking to me perfectly fine before, i was a little bit like wtf?

So i asked the other one whether i have given the wrong impression and if i have im sorry (literlaly not having a clue what i could have done to give the wrong impression) to which i got a reply of what? So i told her that the other girl was ignoring me and am yet to recieve any kind of reply.

I mean have i really done something that wierd or messed up that it warrants them both ignoring me, i'm not a bad looking guy or weird really just a little shy so yeah im completly bewildered as to where ive gone wrong here?

Any help guys?

Also what would your next move be cause i feel i might have made it come across pretty badly to her now.