I am somewhat interested in a co-worker and I believe she may be interested as well but I am not sure what my next move should be. I am trying to think of something more comfortable and less awkward just incase.

We work together but not directly, as in we don't have to talk everyday or work as a team. We work in the same department in an office for a very big company so it is very possible not to see this person in a day.

A few days ago we had a work party and we were both there. We have chatted before a handful of times and flirted a bit. She seems nice and is pretty so she caught my eye. At the work party we chatted a little more, after a few more drinks and a couple hours later we were making out, fooling around. Of course out of view from anyone else we work with as it was in a large bar/club setting. We left together afterwards and did a little more, a few times she was dropping hints at me asking me if I lived alone etc etc. I was still sober enough to realize that would probably not be the best idea as my sister was in town staying over and that would have been super awkward for my sister(LOL). I didn't tell her flat out that but I kinda played dumb I guess you could say and ended up dropping her off in a cab an hour or so later

Next day we texted a few messages just the usual lil banter and everything seemed normal.

I'd like to get to know her outside of the workplace a little better but not sure what my next move should be? Thoughts?