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    Default She's 9 years younger than me and I'm in Afghanistan. what to text?

    Ok so I'm still in Afghanistan, returning home in another month. Met an HB10 on line, Skyped with her, called her a couple times, mostly restricted to text conversation while I'm out here. Only problem is I feel like I'm talking to my son when I talk to her. Don't know how to get conversations going smoothly, how do 18 year olds talk/text? Been a lot of years since I spent any time with an 18 year old and never with someone so much younger than me! She's really in to me, though I suspect that her dad being a Marine and leaving 5 years ago has something to do with her wanting an older apparently boring soldier. When I get a smooth conversation going she's actually quite enjoyable, but the same routine never seems to work twice.
    I'm well beyond comfort building and attraction. Can get dirty pictures from her without asking. Every future plan I've suggested has been written in her calendar. She is consistently initiating conversations then responding with IDK, bored, etc.
    One last thing. A guy in my unit, same section located on a different city out here saw that I was talking to her and sent her a very long detailed e-mail about what a horrible person I am. Citing my drunken vegas Stripper wedding, saying that I'm a cheater and will break her heart. I did marry an EX stripper in vegas, got it annulled immediately, yes I am a player but not when in a relationship. I've got her back on my side but he's obviously still attempting to block me and creating a $hit storm to go through. Even if I didn't actually like her I'd still follow through simply because this guy is causing me so much grief, most likely due to jealousy, that I feel as a man I must out alpha him, must not let him win. When we get back to America and work together he'll outrank me and try to out alpha me all he wants but that's only 1 weekend a month.
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    Default Re: She's 9 years younger than me and I'm in Afghanistan. what to text?

    From one soldier to another... I would wait until you get back, focus on your mission.

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