Im new to the PU life, I've been doing a lot of reading but I haven't tested anything out in the fiels yet. I've decided to try an do all types of game including Online, I figured why not.

So I opened 2 HB's, one HB7 and one HB8 with the same line:

I thought you looked really cute in your profile picture! I have heard the internet can be a dangerous place so I have devised three questions which will ascertain whether you are a serial killer or not. Think carefully:

1. If you had to spend a million dollars in a day what would you spend it on?
2. Do you prefer cats or dogs and why?
3. Since you love to travel, if you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be?

HB 7's Response was a little more enthusiastic:

Scanning for psychopaths , very clever

Ok well in that case if I had a million dollars I would buy a house , not too big of corse then I would need a car and the rest I would invest into my compagny
I love animals but cats tend to be a little mischievous .. So I would say dog !

And I would love to wake up somewhere in Europe , probably Italy or Paris .. Oh maybe somewhere in Australia would be nice

Now to protect myself I have to ask you the same three questions
And add , if you could wake up on a sunny Sunday morning and do whatever you want , what would you do ?

(HB7) by the way nice to (meet) you

HB8's response:

I would spend it on the invisble children foundation to fin kony amd stop him . 2) i prefer dogs cuz they are more playful an act more human like. 3) id love to wake up in bora bora complete paradise

I answered HB7's questions but didn't really add much to that because I'm expecting a reply from her anyway (I hope) I did sound a little playful though.

But as for HB8, I mean, her answer seems very generic and it's as if she's not interested, but I remind myself that she didn't have to answer if she didn't want to.

Anyway, I don't know what to answer HB8 with, and would also be grateful if you could give me some general advice on what types of conversations I could be able to dive into with HB7 or what my next move would be.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.