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    Default Going so well then crash and burn (?) Advice PLEASE

    Hi guys, just thought I'd share this experience from my last week as I'm a little confused and to be honest down about this... maybe you guys have had similar situations? I was meant to go out tonight but I just don't feel in the mood after this ( I think I know where I've gone wrong but ideas muich appreciated)

    So last week I was at the bus stop... hot girl (7/8) comes and waits near me... I start talking to her about the bus, it's taking ages, last week I had to wait an hour etc etc then conversation about what we do etc... she studies pschology so I noticed when she was talking to me she was playing with her hair so I was like 'Oh I know a little about psychology and body language, for instance you playing with your haur means that you're attracted to me' She giggles, I say 'woah you're movingh a little fast for me in a iokey manner, again she laughs. I get her number arrange to meet and give her a hug before she goes.

    So we arrange to meet at the weekend and we do, we go for dinner have a few drinks and then play around in the arcade for a bit A really fun night. I then got her a taxi home and we kissed before she got in the taxi. To be honest it was one of my favourite ever dates, I really enjoyed her company.

    We texted a bit and arrange to meet again. She was eager to meet again. But before we do, by chance, when I finish work, I'm walking to my bus and there she is, sitting waiting for a bus, I sit down with her for a few minutes, kiss her to say hi, arrange to meet at the weekend and then kiss her to say bye again. I wasn't at my best to be honest ( I'd just finished an 8 hour day and wasn't expecting to see her).

    So at about 12 30 that night she texts me like 'Hey I was just thinking I don't even know your second name?'

    When I woke up I texted her it and had a little text chat later in the day. She seemed ok.Then the next day I text her to ask what sort of time she'd like to meet and she replies 'Hey hope you're ok, you're a really nive guy and I had a good time so thank you but I'm just not looking to get into a relationship or get into anything right now' HUH?

    So I say we don't have to be in a relationship, just take it as it comes and she says' 'I'd rather just not, sorry'.

    What happened? It was going so well, then this? Enlighten me please?

    I guess the mistake I made was kissing her twice when I saw her. Kissing at the end of a date doesn't make it ok to kiss again as a greeting the next time you bump into the person..?.. big mistake I guess.

    When shit like this happens it gets me down for weeks and I could lose progress with others that I've been creating a positve perception with by being down/ quiet.

    Please enlighten me on your opinions, this is driving me up the wall a little lol

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    Default Re: Going so well then crash and burn (?) Advice PLEASE

    u dd nothing wrong

    it is not ur business to get inside her head and fix the way she thinks -- to do so would be a total AFC thing and a waste of ur time.

    wait for her to contact u - allow her time to sort her stuff out.

    if u see her, be nice and friendly like u use to be... don't be awkward with her. she sounds mature enough to not string u along and make her ego feel better. ~ great girl - IMO

    if she does reconnect, don't let her friend zone u. firmly say that u are interested in exploring ur wonderful chemistry only - and not as a friend... but keep it light and fun.


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