So, in my infinite search for knowledge, I found someone else who insists they know how to get women into bed THAT night off POF. I found a guy who advocates two things...a very straightforward profile that looks like you spent no time on it at all and msgs that anyone on here would tell you don't work like "whats up, sexy?" So last night I launched a blitz on POF, and I contacted women of all ages, 20-45, with just the words "whats up" sexy or something similar, around 11 PM-1 AM. Know that I got ZERO replies. But they all looked at my profile (by all, I mean like 1/3 or more of those msgd). I do have a decent picture but it really doesn't generate any mystery or obscure my face in any way like some on here advise. Can anyone explain this? I'm gonna change my profile back but get rid of all the caps and sh1t and see if I get some msgs.