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    Default Need Help With Cute Girl ("Orbiter might be" topic)

    Oki Hello there!
    So here we go I have this girl but she’s in 30s (34-36 or something) and I am 24 we take our dogs to the dog run together. We meet like 2 years before that but anyway. For the last couple of years nothing happened we just hang out with our dogs and about half of year ago we started flirting since I though why the clap not?
    But anyway we went to the concerts together danced had fun and all that . In the last couple of months I took her out couple of times first to a movie, then bar and not too long ago to the movie again. We have great time together but I never kiss closed.
    More about interaction. In the park or when we out I use a lot of Kino, touches hugs….mostly its one sided she allows it but from her- she just ones in a while touches back nothing else. Once in while I do something and be like “I deserve a kiss blab la” she does kiss me on a check but yea. In the movies we hold hands .
    Moving on about verbal interactions : usually I put myself in the wrong frame because I said stuff like “I am trying to seduce you” or I text her crap like I “yo my boiler is broken come warm me up” but the usuall answer is like “ohhh that’s nice have fun …” or something like that its never turns into her answering something back that I expect.
    Also I am a concert dude so I go to concerts frequently and when I do go she always tries to tell me why she wasn’t invited or stuff like that like you didn’t invite me properly.
    Also She wants to take dance classes with me.
    Today I said something “how many dates I need to get a kiss” (I know I am an idiot for saying that)
    She waited and replied “This is a different relationship…” and she stopped and said “I tell you later” even though we were still out with the dogs for like 30 min.
    Couple of Things: I read on and a lot of people saying to be less clingy or needy or to reverse the frame but here is the thing in the park the dogs play everyday so I go there everyday and she usually calls me every weekday and we take the dogs out together. So it will be weird to cut off since its been two years and I take my dog there on daily bases. Frame reverse maybe but I need advice
    So I want to ask what do you guys think? How to proceed ? I not sure but I don’t want to be in LJBF zone or I have a feeling that I am already seemed like an orbiter already since I usually see her everyday not because of her but dogs …but I put a frame which she doesn’t really respond to.

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    Default Re: Need Help With Cute Girl ("Orbiter might be" topic)

    i dont have any idea i also worry.

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    Default Re: Need Help With Cute Girl ("Orbiter might be" topic)

    do not be disheartened... as mature as they r, they still want to be swept off their feet.

    right now - ur in her mind that u are far too yoing for her.

    mature women require time and care - and ur age doesn't help u make her think this guy is the real deal... i'm sure she's been hurt many times by smoother guys.

    take ur time
    remain cool - fun - gentlemanly
    PUA material
    always show her that u can handle things - tell her stories that u have
    1) helping relatives
    2) volunteer stories
    3) solving adult issues

    be a man... show her the man.

    i've had women say i am not the right one - at all... but they all fold with time n effort...

    it also helps that she is not bogged down by other issues a woman in her age has... exs, kids, aging parents, bills.... etc

    GL, man.^^

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