Out of the game tonight and chillin' on the couch because I'm sick, so I decided to mess around with my online account. It's a cold, so I'm feeding it...mostly with vodka...so I'm writing it a little in the bag. Here it is:

It says for my profile to not be lame, so I wanted to hit on all the hot topics that I see on here.

First, drama...love it! I have the Collected Works of William Shakespeare never far from reach. I am more a fan of his comedies and tragedies than his histories--(Henry the VIIth boring!). I can dig modern writers like Miller, Tennessee Williams, or David Mamet, but I'm an Elizabethan-era fan at heart. Love me some Marlowe, Kid and Jonson. Regardless, I support the local arts.

Secondly, I'm not too ashamed to admit that, though they may seem childish, I'm not too old to still play games. I'm not just talking Monopoly (I get to be the dog) or Candyland, nor do I mean new-fangled deals like Words with Friends, which I totally love playing because I never lose; I mean let's get 3 people together now and I'll bump you right out of foursquare. If no one's looking, I might double-tap to win. If we're tailgating or camping--someone's getting the beat down in beanbag toss or horseshoes. Just saying.

I always have baggage with me. I love to travel, so there's my rucksack I've had since about 11th grade armed with toothbrush, deodorant--well, I don't need to bore you with the toiletries--and a couple changes of clothes poised inside my closet. Maybe it's packed for an overnight after a fair/festival Downtown or in Scottsdale, maybe it's packed for music venue at Crescent Ballroom run late, or maybe Prescott, Pittsburgh, or Paris is calling. Either way, this baggage is loaded and ready to go.

As for the rest, I have all my parts. Head's on straight and hair's on head, not on back. If you're worried about your height in heels, it's cool, because I might be in 3" pumps, too. And, I see that many folks are concerned with something called chemistry, which I totally get because I always wear a shirt with the periodical table of elements on it for my first dates.

Going for who-cares humor, but not sure if it comes off like trying a little too hard?