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    Default need some help with this... just dont know what to say

    So, there is this girl I like and Im sure she likes me as well. She stares at me everyday and she walks me to class everyday as well. Friday, she told one of her friends that I was her boyfriend and then her friend kept touching me and then she said that I was her man.

    A few weeks ago, I liked one picture on her Instagram and she would tell you if she would date you, should we text and what she liked about me.

    She commented and she told me that she would date me and she said that I was super cool, funny and nice.

    So, I told her a week ago that we should date and she said idk. But just this week, i posted a few pics on Instagram and she liked all of them. And there was another girl that put a heart on one of my pics and she texted me asking who it was.

    So, what should I do now? I've never been this confused ever. I know she likes me but I just dont know where I should start now. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: need some help with this... just dont know what to say

    that is confusing behavior.

    have light fun a convo with her and then ask her what her family is like

    normally strange confusing behavior is a result of bad parenting. she sounds kinda BPD, but i dunno from what i've read so far.

    u've allowed her to control the situation and she is turned off, but if u really want to date her:

    firmly-and lightly, let her know that u dislike games and u r not for that behavior. then ask her out.
    stacy, u make me feel good being with u and we rock when we're together. but i don't like it when ur unclear of ur intentions with me and i'm not for head games. so do u want to find out how badass we are together, or should i defer u to a friendzone.?

    i would seriously ask abt her background and avoid her if she's got a bad bad bad past.


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