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    Default Setting Up Profile / Listing income on dating sites.

    I'm about to graduate from college in about 2 weeks. I now have time to screw around and enjoy life. I have a large number of things I could never do while in school due to income constraints and a lack of time(1 major, 2 minors, VP in a club and 6 internships)

    My first job straight out of undergrad will have me making 60k base + overtime + 10% bonus. Realistically I expect to make between 70-80k on a 40-45 hour work week all things considered. I expect to break 100k by age 25.

    Should I list income on dating sites?

    How should I convey all this?
    I'm still going to live as though I'm making about 20k a year like I was while still in college. I'm in a rent controlled apartment about a mile from the beach(3 miles from work, 1 mile from Loyal Marymount University), I drive the same pickup truck that got me through college (you'd have to kill me before I leave my baby behind), and I'm saving around 20-30k a year towards a part-time MBA program at either UCLA or USC. I plan on training for a half-marathon this year and hiking Mount Whitney next summer (highest peak on the lower 48 states and only 4 hours away). After that, I want get back into body building and I'm hoping for a relatively clean 20lbs weight gain. At the same time I'm going to be preparing for the CPA exam (I'm not an accountant but I met all the requirements) and the GMAT.

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    Default Re: Setting Up Profile / Listing income on dating sites.

    There is a difference between dhv and bragging, don't post you income directly as it comes across as needy and try-hard.

    you should show that you are employed with an interesting job but there's no need to start throwing figures around. If you job sounds impressive people will assume you have high earning potential.

    I.e. My job "digital marketing executive" sounds nice right... I only make 20K lol!

    The general idea here is to show that you have these traits not state them. What sounds better? "I'm a laid back guy with a silly personality who likes films" or "I don't know if you know but I'm kind of a big deal and sometimes I have to sculpt my guns at the office, bonus points of you get the reference!"

    Its a poor example but you get my point... show you are these things don't simply list them

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    Default Re: Setting Up Profile / Listing income on dating sites.

    I never listed my income....
    And I still had amazing results.

    But for "Profession" I always put something like "Yes, I AM a professional.. "


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