Hey, so I haven't be on this site much, but when looking into the problems that guys have with POF, I have some tips that have worked for me.

I had literally started up an POF profile 3 days ago, sent about 15 messages and I have gotten almost half of them to respond.

I have one picture, interests are beer, hockey, skiing, warm smiles, supporting women

Heres my description:

Im looking for a girl who is chill and fun
spu??sp??? op u?? o?? u??o?
maybe the same interests? Who knows
If your interested send a message. Later
if your a women who can support me while i play video games in my boxers thats a plus

Thats all I have. Now when I message girls, I always say something funny. If they like a hockey team, I say theirs is bad, mines better basically, if they like to snowboard, I say theres no way they could catch up to me etc. Iv used the saying "hey, do you earn a lot' cause I need a women to support me while I pay video games in my boxers all day" and it works (50% chance)

Heres a few convo's with girls:
Me: hey girl ill take you on my yamaha ttr for a little mystic mountain ride through the forest (she likes dirt bikes lol)
HB8: Oh really.. One thing, I can't support you playing video games in your boxers.. It's only fair if I do the Same and play too (: (read my profile about video games hah)

Me: hey do you earn a lot' cause i need a supporting woman for when i play video games all day
HB7: Haah well then. Your hilarious

Me: hey do you earn a lot i play video games all day and need a women to support me
HB8: I earn a lot, but I'm not going to support you
Me: I just used that to get your attention
HB8: Well it worked.
Me: puɐʇspɐǝɥ ɐ op ʎldǝɹ noʎ ǝɯıʇ ʇxǝu
Her: Hahaa, hows it going, do you play hockey?

Took some tips from Maddis

Those are just a few, reminder that I have just started a few days ago. Most girls take the video game line serious at first, but you have to joke around and say you used it get her attention and what ever.

Anyways, just my advice. Im just messing around on here, not really looking to actually meet up with these girls unless it happens. Really improving my game though. Cheers