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Thread: We make out, hold hands on first date...then disappears?

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    Default We make out, hold hands on first date...then disappears?

    Hey guys,

    First post for me. I'm hoping to be a big contributor to this forum.

    Anyways, went out on a blind date a mutual friend set me up with. Great girl, very pretty and smart.

    I take her out to the city and a wine bar. Have a great time talking for 2 hours. I could tell she's into me. When we leave we hold hands and I walk with her to the beach nearby (I live in Tel Aviv). We get to the beach and make out for about a minute.

    It's kind of chilly, so I offer my jacket. She says I've been great so far, no need for a jacket. We walk almost 2 miles back to her apartment. Talking and holding hands the whole time. At the end she gives me a hug and doesn't give me a kiss. I then say "hey what about a good night kiss?" and she comes back and gives me a kiss.

    Didn't call her the next day. The day after I call, she doesn't answer. I send a message saying "hey tried calling you, wanted to know if you wanted to hang out sometime this week?" She responds saying she's had a bad stomach virus and doesn't want to make plans until she gets better. I respond "Sorry to hear that. Feel better."

    I am guessing I fucked up somewhere. But where? What should I have done differently? What can I do now or is the attraction gone?


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    Default Re: We make out, hold hands on first date...then disappears?

    ur over thinking this - breath....... breaaaath

    whatever a woman says is not ur concern. so long as it directly is not f*ck off - then be cool

    u dunno her true situation - why r u already worried.??

    i strongly suggest u look inward as to why ur already behaving this way... i am not saying ur a loser - but it's helpful to ID ur weaknesses so u can be a strong MAN who guides the relationship.

    give her time to respond
    politely check on her tomorrow ONCE
    then wait till she communicates to u

    keep urself fun - polite - the great guy she met days ago.

    her ex - her breakup - her virus - her job.... let her handle her stuff and don't go trying to handle her stuff for her - women -secretly- do not like that. --- but that's another subject

    be cool


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