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Thread: Cocky funny backfires

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    Default Re: Cocky funny backfires

    This is exactly why I dislike texting. It must be done precisely right, and unless you're natural at it, chances are extremely high that you'll screw up somewhere. Texting is definitely NOT the place to "be yourself" unless you're one of those guys who has the natural skill to do and say the right things. There's (seemingly) no room for making mistakes or saying anything other than the right thing in texting.

    I almost screwed up with a girl in a similar way the other day but saved myself.... only to (somehow) screw up today. Ironically, the fatal screw up today was from me using a golden "technique" from The Texting Bible (that usually works in most cases). I think I'd be much better off if texting and social networking weren't a requirement. I no longer do instant messaging or online dating or facebook chats or anything of that nature online, but it seems like there's no way to get around texting (due to so many holidays and other things that cause the women I meet and I to have to separate very often). Therefore, I tend to eventually lose many of the female friends I make on weekends and holidays due to the fact that I must text...

    If I could, I would simply not text and just not do anything at all during the times I'm not physically with the girl in person, but then I learned from dating gurus that "missing in action" or "being forgotten" will (also) cause me to lose females, so I just text since there is at least a chance of success through texting vs. simply doing nothing and being forgotten or outshone by a more experienced guy.

    My advice would be to keep texts SUPER short!

    I wouldn't even have gone as far as the "dessert" line because once you got there you were just inviting the possibility of a huge screw up. If I can't get them out by the fourth text, then I'm done and I move on for now. At least I know I can try again later. That's better than continuing to text, screwing up, losing everything, then having to live with the fact that you know you screwed up, hoping that you wont do it again with he next one.

    I will admit, though, that there are a few girls I can text very frequently (sometimes all day) and still meet up and spend up to a day with them. How I do it? I don't know. I guess they're more tolerant with my text screw ups since who I am in person outshines my silly texts.

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    Default Re: Cocky funny backfires

    most of it comes down to the combo of frame control / cf / teasing / flirting and being alpha --- to which I've noticed recently, and that's standard in person too, maybe that's why people are told to be consistent in person and "online" because then you'll give them no reason not to be responsive

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