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Thread: My non-exclusive girl is losing interest?

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    Default My non-exclusive girl is losing interest?

    Trying to make it short. 4 months, multiple meeting per week by default. Non-exclusive.

    Met her on Wed for unplanned dinner as we happened to be in the same area of a city at the time. We already had plans for Friday night same week. Was good, she threw a few mild sh1t tests. No problems. In the end we were leaving she asked what I'm gonna do now and I said that I'm coming over. She declined that she's tired and we will stay at hers on Friday evening after meeting. Didn't respond anything to this.

    Last Saturday I stayed at hers and wanted to stay Sunday too but she refused saying she needs privacy. I shrugged this off. We've spent a 5-day holiday together abroad already though.

    For the last week or so she has stopped initiating contact. Before she would send me texts at the least every second day or so, call and send emails during the work hours. I've done all the chasing during the last days and I'm not happy with that. She still responds every text and call instantly if she's not in a meeting etc.

    I feel like I'm losing power here and planning on declining her invite to stay over tonight after we've finished our program. Thoughts on this? Will it backfire? I've never declined her invite yet.

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    Default Re: My non-exclusive girl is losing interest?

    i firmly believe that u r thinking too much... which leads to u chasing more... which is making u turn AFC.

    ur one-itis state is also fooling u into believing ur losing -- what u don't own.

    if u r non exclusive - then u should go out there and create options for urself so that u do not descend further into ur hole and ruin ur current.

    think of how u were in the beginning to keep her happy. funny - non-committle - no pressure. ur behavior is doing the opposite.

    if u want to save ur thing - then u want to be firm on where u stand.

    the thing is, where u stand is not firm anymore.

    i would back off and open up other options. stay funny - aloof - polite... if she says she's busy then she could well be busy..... it's not something a PUA would be worried abt. she will make time for u if she likes what u sell.

    have ur options ready in case the worst happens... if she is cool again, let her know u want a committed relationship.

    i'd rather let women chase u - but it seems u r bent on this one.... and u should consider playing it like i suggested.

    waste of time to chance ur life on something u do not own.


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