I managed to get a couple replies from a HB 8. Then she did a 180 when I joked about breaking up even though we hadn't met yet. I'm wondering what I could say to recover. I'll go ahead and say in advance that I'm new to the whole online dating thing. I've no doubt made plenty of mistakes. I would really appreciate any constructive input. Below are some of the messages we exchanged:

Me: Anyway you look adorable and all that but give me three reasons, that don't involve your looks, as to why I should continue to get to know you better.

Her: I'm really laid back, I'm really sweet , I can get down and dirty, I love football, (RTR ) I'm really smart and I love to have a good time

Me: Fair enough. If you had said War Eagle you would have become my sworn enemy. The elephant is rather fitting for Bama. They're trampling over all the opposition.
Sworn enemy or not there's something important that I have to tell you. I know we haven't met but I think that we should stop seeing each other.

Her: Why is that

Me: I think you're great but....we fight too much. I hope you understand. :P

P.S. I'm keeping the dog.

Her: Oh wow your really cool aren't you role play break up I'm really not even interested ha