so i went on a date with this 7 no big deal really she seemed like she was really nice. the first part of the date was nice we walked around and saw the christmas lights and sat down on a bench with people walking back and forth. we left that and she kinda directed me to a part of the place where there werent any people. but she sat in a position to wear i couldnt sit next to her. we were there awhile until she called her friend ( her and her bf came with us) to come get her so we could all go eat somewhere. as soon as i left her she was not attracted to me at all. we got to dinner and she didnt even want to sit next to me. idk what went wrong was she mad i didnt kiss her? or it could be my car the side mirror is knocked off and a deer hit the other side of it. so my car is trash. idk what do you guys think