i posted this under my BPD thread, but i think it deserves it's own.

while it's true that trust should come with love, some girls just can't handle their paranoia. u either NEXT her or look at some of these TIPs to help u.

and these TIPs stress u do things to help her not misunderstand what ur doing. women appreciate that u are thoughtful enough to include them in ur thoughts whatever u do.

this is not to say u shouldn't forget to remind her of ur boundaries or put up with bad behavior. please keep that in mind ^.~

GB = Girl Buddies
GF = Girl Friend

1. no SINGLE outing with a GB. must be group.

2. any public communication that she can see, must clearly state to ur GF, u r not flirting - if she ran across it.
--// example: u ask a GB what she's doing tonight (on a public post like FB)
--// u should now add that it's with a group of buddies on the same comment.

3. DO NOT consult other women for advice on ur relationship. goto your guy buds - or DO NOT admit that u consulted another female. SMART women know that girls u goto - love to fix a nice guy's problems. added, they may feel that ur GBs secretly want u... GFs fear u'll fall into a trap in ur weak emotional state. additionally, ur GF will feel alienated by people close to u - the same ones she will need to make a good impression on in the future.

4. in public photos, hug girls on the shoulder and spaced. anything below and you are screwed. GFs will read into small things like these... what's it hurt to hug a GB above the shoulder.?

5. deleted

6. when she rages and hangs up. give her space until she contacts you. if u do anything sooner, she will be even angrier. FREEZE her if u want, but don't goto her and get another verbal beating after hang up.

7. if u want to check if she is still angry, send her an FB comment PRIVATE message on a daily event... i like to always keep a game of Words with Friends going - so i can inadvertently check if she's cool by playing a word... if/when she responds - the ball is back in ur quart as to when to contact her.

i know this sounds like a lot to give up... but i don't think i makes u any less of a guy to consider some of these TIPs. imagine if she followed all these rules with all her guy buddies -- how much more secure u would be when she goes out.?

personally, i don't get into that head-space: "wtf is she doing right now".? but it does feel good not to have to ever think abt wassup with her if she also follows these TIPs.

my EX did this and i NEVER worried... but she had terrible BPD and that's another story.

let me know if this stuff helps,