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    Default Dating HELP!!! She's thinking about her ex.... :(

    So I've been going out with a girl for about a week (2 dates) and both went amazing. She says she's the happiest she's been in months. We make each other laugh and feel amazing.

    We click in an amazing way that I've never seen or had before with another girl. We both play video games and are both 8's.

    She texted me today saying she was thinking about her ex (who she cheated on, then he cheated on her; they broke up about 3 weeks ago, lasted almost a year).

    She says it's not fair to me that her ex is on her mind. She says I'm a sweet guy and that she just needs a little time. I told her that she's worth it and if there's anyway i can help her, i will. I'm 20 (third year uni), she's 17 (Grade 12).

    I've read the most amazing advice and tips and I have bettered my life by just being on this forum. I don't post much, but I;ve been reading for a very VERY long time. I'm here to learn. Teach me, guys. I need some honest advice.

    -Thanks, guys.

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    Default Re: Dating HELP!!! She's thinking about her ex.... :(

    ditch that shite, man. wouldn't completely forget about her but move on. sounds like you might have been too nice to her, and she is wanting to go back to her a-hole ex.

    occupy yourself with women that actually have value, and she will be attracted to that. then you have the choice to continue living your awesome life without her, or take her back (which is not a great option, but the beauty of game is you have the choice).

    hope that helps, playa. we all been in these situations.

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