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Thread: I really need help with my text game.. Thoughts?

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    Default I really need help with my text game.. Thoughts?

    Im blue, she's red. lol ... i know i suck but that's why im here,

    lool ye
    lmfaooo so is this how you keep a convo running
    lool im sorry i been all over the place lately.. that night i was incredibly tired, not in the talking mood
    lol its cool so what did you do last night lol
    work work work lol hbu
    Work x3 means No life x1 lool
    lol u said it! i got my last exam on thursday, i gota cram for this exam
    Why dont you study, allergic?
    I'm so busy and I'm tired most of the time, so. I have trouble focusing
    Lol so you have the +++?
    Add lol
    loool ohh i make myself believe it but naw its not that bad, its just been happening alot as of lately
    workaholic, are you a virgo?
    LOL no never!
    excuse me?

    lool i didnt mean it in a bad way
    im a gemin

    lol ew
    if only i could give you the hand on fb
    woah relax girl, im not proposing to you or something
    LOL dead!
    you wish

    LOL! oh please
    I don't wish for anything
    plus i think youd make a terrible wife

    it went on but this should give you a general idea

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    Default Re: I really need help with my text game.. Thoughts?

    i like ur convo.^^

    this will be picky of me here:
    1. she seems to have dhv'ed alot
    --// she let's u kno she's always on the go
    /../ u should start letting her kno - ur time is valuable too

    ya, i feel ya - seems i never have a moment's rest too
    i always get bogged down between school and helping my baby sister with her homework.
    (commonality item) and (DHV value item)

    2. ahhhh, ur doing great so far, i dunno if i should recommend u break from what works... but i believe in having short texts or at least exit one at it's height.

    U: JEN, holy sh*t-tards... a piano almost fell on me today.
    HB: response
    --// lead her up to the point u see the people responsible and ur walking to them
    --// then exit
    U: oh, Jen.. i'm late for my study grp, let u kno later, k.?

    3. i always advise to start ur convo with high energy. something is always going on when u talk to her... like she waits for when ur tv channel pops up.

    but ur doing good... if u search PUA Text Guides, u'll get a whole bunch of ideas.

    lemmie know how ur next one goes... it was a good read.^^

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