Ever since, I started to developing my social skills, I notice an in interesting phenomenon. I would see a two set and I would approach them. I would ask them a question or just make a comment, while being friendly. One of them would be really friendly (femme), hence, I would continue the conversation…not far into the conversation she would start giving me overt ioi’s. As that happened, I would start getting the evil eye from the other girl the masculine one (butch). She would not laugh, her body language would be confrontational, while the feminine girl (femme) would start getting anxious. Just like a girl behaves when being scolded, then I would make my move. I would ask for the girl’s (femme) number, and most of the time the masculine lesbian (butch) would say that the feminine lesbian was her girl. The Feminine girl would have no choice but to say that it was true that they were lesbian. My jaw would drop...by that time I would just excused myself and leave them alone. But I could sense the feminine girl’s disappointment as I move on to talk to other girls. It has happened to me time after time as the song says.

Guys, Feminine lesbian ladies respond well to a masculine guy. Their bodies and psyche seems to come alive, when a PUA talks to them, touch them casually. You can actually see how their pupils dilate ‘smiles in her eyes’! The more confident and masculine you act with them, the more she will respond to you. Just like any other female, but especially with feminine lesbians the more you take the lead, the more they will want you. If you are already a seasoned PUA, you will not problem detecting the girls sexual signals, if she is by herself you most probably get lucky. But if the butch is around, your best move would be to past your number to her, or ask her for her email. Even if she wanted to see you again, she will not risk her partner finding out about you. So be a discrete gentleman past her your info in a low ley manner and hope for the best. Treat her as you would treat a girl that has already a man in her life; either as if she were married or have a boyfriend!

By, Conquistador