You have to understand (and clearly she doesnt...) i spent the past four ENTIRE college life chasing her from a distance and then i finally get my chance and its over like that. Boom. We dated for a year but literally i avoided having sex with ANY other girls for 4 years now (and especially the last year) thinking that Now that I had her into me it would work out for sure and all that time wouldve been totally worth it.

I had oneitis so bad I pissed away 4 yrs and didnt even get to fark once with her. That bad dude. This is on another level, way harder to get over than anything i could ever conjure hypothetically and its my reality. I need help! Im blowin it hard here!

Just try to grasp that...just think HOW depressed that would make a does someone get over that in a timely manner.

I really need datinf advice badllyyyy. Like beyond the go out and make new friends shit. If I dont get someone hotter and NOW ima lose my shit. Any suggestions?