Hey everyone. Been working a lot on my online game. I've developed a pretty solid system so far, but need help finishing it.

It's pretty simple:

Photos: Pick your two best photos. No more than 2. Leave some to the imagination.

Self-summary: Role-play combined with information. Tell them you just got bailed out of jail, got done traveling the world, or some exaggerated story. Make it funny. But also give some serious information so you avoid looking like a clown.

1st Message: GET A RESPONSE - I use statements like:

Most important question ever: this or that

STOP! Forget everything you know...let's do this...

I can't believe I saw a girl just like you out on a date...she was having the most ... time

I copy/paste these and send them to 10-20 HB7s and above. Trying to only message girls that currently online.

2nd Message: Make a connection

If it's a bland response (only a few words), bust her out on being shy, but only make a statement (geez miss grumpy pants only a few words? I'll assume your keyboard must be broken...)

If she gives a longer response, I'll tease her, tell her we will never get along. Then I'll look at her profile, find something that we have in common, comment on it, and ask her a good question about it.

3rd Message: Get her number/get a date

This is where I'd like to open it up to discussion. A couple schools of thought:

You need to ask for her number quickly
You need to build more of a connection (only say this bc i've had girls who say they wont give their number out without more convo)
Ask for facebook profile to build more trust

What's everyone think?