Ok, so I wouldn't call this a field report, cuz it happened on pof.

HB with headline, "where all the sugar daddies at?" (Lolol)

Me: Hey! A girl with an honest headline!
Her: What's up?
Me: We're both on here for conflicting reasons. You're headline says you're looking for a sugar daddy but I'm here looking for a sugar mama, this is never going to work out
Her: Ok..........
Me: Oh, no sense of humor. That sucks, you're one of the cuter ones on here... Nice talking to you.

So now this will lead for her to sell herself or not fucking talk to me lol. If she thinks of herself too highly to sell herself that's not the type of girl I want at all. And I don't care if she doesn't message me back because she doesn't have the slightest sense of humor. My point is; 2 months ago, I would had been a dancing monkey boy little bitch just to talk to a girl like this. The fact that she just sent a response would had been enough, now I don't give a shit. I fucking love this shit. Lol.

Another point is, if you wanted a computer with x specs, why would you settle for less than that? Don't.