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    Thumbs down Field Report Match date from newbie

    Ok so I'm quite new to this stuff but haven't got laid in ages and wanted to do better with women. I have started using a lot of the stuff posted here and used mystery's book too. I wanted to get advice with a date I just finished and obviously ended up alone!

    I met this cute girl, couple of years older a week ago. We met on match, I had been composed, not given too much away, kept her guessing etc. So we met, went for cocktails, she used the 'have to be up early tomorrow' get out line. But we carried on, chatted had a good time and couple of cocktails. I paid but said she had to pay at the next place. We went to a cool pub/dance place few more drinks and chat. Ran a few lines on her, palm read, questions game and strawberry field, got her totally hot and a few kisses out of her. But she wasn't keen on anything more and walked me to the tube (live in London) and I went home.

    2nd date tonight. Went to a cool cocktail bar, chatted, not too much direction as used my 'A' material on 1'st date. Anyway got a few kisses again (no tongue) worked on some value eliciting stuff but kinda bluffed it. She told me she's demanding and a bitch. I went with the 'I like a girl who knows what she wants' line. We had a few too many and though she didn't seem wasted we went outside and as I only live 10 mins walk away thought I was in. She said she had to go home blah blah. So she ordered a taxi, I waited with her, few more kisses and tried more Kino but held her hand and she didn't hold back. Taxi came and she came back to kiss me then went.

    What the F! What have I done wrong and why can I kiss girls and then not F-close them!? So farking annoying!

    Advice appreciated.

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    Default Re: Field Report Match date from newbie

    Well, I am also very new to this, but from where I'm sitting, she could be deciding what she wants from you. If she actually thinks of herself as "demanding and a bitch," she may also have certain qualifications for a man.

    I wouldn't stop trying to meet other girls either. (I take it you are only looking for sex since you "bluffed it" during conversation.)

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