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    Default Vacation texting. a little help please!

    So there is this girl who I've met about 3 weeks ago and i k-closed her twice, i only saw her twice.

    She is on vacation, i might have screwed up texting a bit because sometimes she responds kind of boring but i'm not sure though. I get the feeling she does like me but she doesn't really have the time/energy for a good conversation(time difference is 5 hours). I'm not really sure what to do now.

    I was thinking of not talking to her anymore 'hard2get' until she comes back (she doesn't know when, but it's within 2 weeks) and then have the date I suggested last week. She couldn't go when I asked her because she left and went on the airplane the following day.
    Tomorrow is new years eve, so should i send her something short and basic like: "happy new year." Or more something like: "happy new year, hope you're enjoying the Caribbean weather... Tell me when you come back asap and have that date" ??

    Okay what should i do?

    you can ask me anything, sorry if its a bit messy

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    Default Re: Vacation texting. a little help please!

    If you're not enjoying / feeling / able to work with her texts, forget about her.

    Send her a message on New Years if you *feel like it*, but don't expect *anything* from it, don't *ask for anything* from it. Just send it and forget. Carry on with your life, imagine you're never going to see or hear from her again.

    If she doesn't message you in 3 weeks, drop her a fun message catching up with her. If you can't get her to a date, you've not lost anything because you've been focusing on other things right?

    Don't put all your eggs in one basket! It'll set you up with the right attitude to reel her in if she hasn't lost interest too.

    If you can't do that, whatever you do, just try and avoid coming across as needy, or attached to her. Which "Tell me when you come back asap and have that date" certainly does.

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