After a few months of texting I finally met up with this girl from okcupid. We hit it off, I walked her back with her dog to her house, ended up getting invited in and drinking all night at her parents Christmas party. Exchanged a few kisses that night too. Got along with everyone great.

Best first date ever!

Now she's a bit strange. I'll give an example. She invited me for dinner the next few days later saying I should come, then sent a pic of food on the table, but never told me WHEN. After about 2 hours she then was a little saucy about me not coming, even though she said she understands because she wouldn't want to walk into someones house randomly either.

Same thing happened with her brothers hockey game. Gave me 2 hours to be somewhere randomly, that was an hour away drive. Started with the whole "no its fine" when I said i just worked 14 hours but I'll come anyway. I showed up and we had drinks after, which she paid for! We kissed a few times and it was just a nice date. Dropped her off at her parents.

She plays this "no its fine" routine. Some sort of Bitch Shield that I have to fight through. I even called her on it on the second date, telling her that I see through it and she's clearly here with me because she can sense when she's with a genuine guy. Used her own intuition for my gain lol!

Things seem to be progressing well. This is day 2 of not texting her. I'm just trying to buffer to prevent neediness, but shouldn't she show some interest during this time too? Am I waiting too long to progress or is this adequate time in between contact?