Hey guys, I need some help. sorry if my post is too long.

During the summer (July 2012)I came across this really cute female singer on youtube. I gave her a shout out on twitter, which got her attention. She was really nice and replied to all of my messages, but after a while I started to feel like an annoying " fan" who she was just being nice to.

I deleted my twitter for the summer , because I felt like I was on it too much. I signed back up in december, with a new twitter name because my old name was taken. I found her page and decided to message her. this is how it went:

Me: Merry christmas and happy holidays

Her: Thanks, same to you! by the way, how do u know me lol.

( She didn't recognize me because of my new twitter name)

Me: I saw footage of your concert on youtube, and thought u had a really cute smile. Do you have any concert dates coming up ?

Her: oh ok. thanks. no I don't have any concerts booked yet.

After receiving her last message, I felt like I should have initially said " you don't remember me? Im the guy who gave you a shout out a while ago. I can't believe you forgot about me :P "
It either would've brought back the friendly side of her, or it could've made her think " omg, not this annoying guy again ...." I didn't want to take that risk, so I just went with the flow and acted like a stranger.

What should I do next? should I continue to go with the flow? let her know I'm the "fan guy" or just stop messaging her and meet her at her next local concert?

and also, was it wrong to let her know that she had a cute smile?

Sorry again for the long post