Skill Req.: intermediate

AFC to MASTER - we all get hit.
most PUAs will say, freeze her and move onto the next. while that is an ideal thing to do, it may not be so easy when u have met ur match.

Mystery will tell u, Style will tell u, DiAngelo will tell u also... but, believe it or not, we all will run into a quality Alpha that will challenge and stretch our limits on what it is to be a PUA.

and it will... ur head can be so far in the clouds that u can't think straight...

-// 1) calm down - she had just tested u and won
-// 2) she did NOT weed u out - calm down
-// 3) now ask urself what a real man would do.?!

if u've been on point till this now and u f*cked something up, calm down and channel the you before u allowed her to have her way. the answer has always been inside of u - how else did u make it so far.?!

------ REAL MAN behavior:
-// 4) fess up what u did wrong completely and let her exhaust
-//-- herself bitching. listen to it quietly.
-// 5) when she is done, now be stern on letting her know she
-//-- needs to stop busting ur balls on ur mistake.
-// 6) give her ur piece of the story
-// 7) remember that u are a high value man, so if she still
-//-- cannot handle that u r making things right
-// 8) u must retain ur value by showing her u can leave.

women love to test men. but what women hate is to see it when they have reduced that man down to a man that she wouldn't have dated in the first place.

do not be that guy.

u messed up, and now u must apologize - give her ur story - and show ur not sticking around for her to bust on ur balls more.

-// 9) do not freeze her. allow her the time she needs to let it soak and repproach u and u will respond to her soon after.

the girl will come around and give u the opportunity to continue with her in time.

my close friend (natural PUA) kept his composure for 3 weeks on his Alpha and she finally relented last night. he had been dating her 1.5 years.

i have my own Alpha and i waited on her 2 weeks before she came around herself and continued to date for two weeks again. we r currently not talking after i did some AFC stuff two days ago, but i practice when i preach.

i am not saying stay with ur headcase... if she is a terrible girl who can't keep her finances striaght or strings men along - then, yea, drop her.

but if she is an independant woman who makes her own money and has her sh*t together, most likely she is someone u have determined to fight for.

married couples will tell u this, and i keep this in my mind all the time.
--// they admit that honey-moon love goes away... but what keeps them together is their determination to recognize the values of their partner and fight to keep things together.

when u give up and find another great one... u r simply just restarting this proccess... and LORD knows when u'll find another good one in these times. i personally am sick to death of dating. i hate thinking how dumb women can be when they allow men to remind them they are the sh*t.

GL, guys. this guy has always been in the game to weed the girls out and finding the one. the sex, the gifts, the promises i get from the opposite sex does not validate what i learn PU for. i hope that is ur goal also.