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    Default Facebook Convo. Scrutinize, please?

    I'm wondering if I could get some criticism on my facebook game. This girl's an old crush, but I wasn't necessarily trying to game her here. This was simply an attempt at keeping a conversation going. Here goes:

    Me:Any luck with college admissions so far?
    Her:Nope, haven't heard anything yet. How about you?
    Me:I got word from Carolina. I guess that's good for me seeing how it's the only school I applied to.
    Her: That is good! Haha congrats. Are you applying to the honors college?
    Me:Yep. Also got word from them. Although, I'm debating it. Where all did you apply?
    Her: Ohio state, Indiana, butler and Clemson
    Me: I'm guessing that's your order of preference too.
    Her:Ohio state number one, Clemson number two
    Me:I love Ohio State's marching band. They won over my heart with that video game tribute they did.
    Her:Yeah I was there for that game, it was awesome!!!
    Me:Awesome? It kinda underplays it. I was thinking spectacular or epic. That was the Nebraska game, correct?
    Her:Yes, definitely epic haha. And yeah it was
    (She logged out briefly here for about two minutes. I was nervous about continuing the conversation with her after that.)

    Woo! It feels great to finally break my streak of shyness. This is coming from a guy who maybe once every three months messages, and I'm never the initiator. I also chatted up a buddy of mine from last year, but that's less relevant to this site. How'd I do?

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    Default Re: Facebook Convo. Scrutinize, please?

    Seems OK. you engaged her, and you have a lot of points to make tangents on.

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