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    Default Help me make convos more interesting

    SO before we go any further, I am a female, and she is a female. In case that helps you guys give me ideas.

    I have tried to be flirty with her many times, but I am not sure if she is the flirty type or if I am just doing it wrong. We have been on 2 dates. Occasionally she wanted me to spend the night twice (unfortunately, certain things prevented that) i bought her a necklace for her bday that she really liked. She told me "If I didn't like you we would not be hanging out, trust me" so she obviously likes me... I just don't feel any spice in our convos though lol.

    This is a typical convo sometimes. this is recent... (we have good days and bad days........)

    Me: Happy new years!! How are you?
    Her: Happy new years! I'm good. I'm fixin to go for a run. I'll talk to you in a bit
    Her: So hows your first day of 2013 been?
    Me: It's aight. I see yours is pretty good though. Running in this weather?? (its freezing) Go get 'em tiger lol
    Her: Lol, ikr. I'm trying to keep a pattern going. And yes it's COLD outside! Not ready for work tomorrow lol
    Me: That's good. Pretty soon it'll become your lifestyle. And when are you ever ready for work? Lol cold or not?
    Her: Yes ma'am and you're right lol
    Me: Haha. How was your NYE?
    Her: It was pretty cool. Ive never done anything before. How was yours?
    Me: Never?? &Had a lot of fun with old friends. Didnt get a new years kiss like i hoped buuut i guess i'll live lol
    Her: Yeah you'll live lol. I didn't get one either. no biggie
    Me: That's good :P now i'm just watching forrest gump for the first time

    and she didn't respond after that lol

    I AM AWARE that my text game suuuucks. Ugh. Man. I really want to be more flirty sometimes, but I think when I try to be it either comes off as awkward/disturbing or something idk. Or maybe she's just not that kind of girl? HELP ME!

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    Default Re: Help me make convos more interesting

    well yeah it's pretty bad, read the two stickied guides in this subsection of the forum, that'll give you ideas and the way to go, also read similar threads and the answers, also use the search button, quick fixes won't work

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