Okay, so I have got getting the girl nailed. I can find, meet and build attraction. I get through the first date and it goes very well, sometimes we kiss and we end up sharing time together(sometimes many hours).

Then the problem.

For some reason, I don't know weather it is a shit test, but after arranging a second date and my target accepting it and wanted and agreeing to go on it, they have pulled out at the last minute. This is ultimately confusing and me being me, end up leaving it all together assuming she needs to work hard to get me, but then i hear nothing back from her. Why is this happening? Is it just a coincidence or are they not interested? This has happened twice and both times we have been txting and calling each other on the phone and i feel like we really know each other and then BOOM, that happens.

Do I try for another meet up?? Or does that LOOK TO DESPERATE?? OR DO I LEAVE IT AND WAIT FOR THEM TO COME BACK TO ME??