Indecisiveness in decision making.

I have read a lot of posts about "what to text a girl" and have lived it too. For the longest time i thought it was natural to sensor a lot of what you say and try and make it sound as appealing as possible for a girl to read.

This is where your frame comes in, and it hits almost every one of the PUA guidelines on what NOT to be/do. After weeks of reference experience i had realized. IT DOESNT MATTER. Why do i care what i write? why am i so hell bent on trying to impress a girl i haven't even kissed/closed yet..

I was a permission boy, a validation seeking chode who had become outcome dependent and had onitis over almost every girl i could get a number from. But with Reference experience as well as a firm understanding of who i was. And who i needed to be. I realized what worked the best for me was failing.. REPHRASE that, LEARNING. Going out, night in and night out fight my fears and moulding myself into someone i knew i could become.

Realizing and internalizing that everything in this life has a Contrast i set in motion a contest with myself. To never stick to one line even though i know it works to try something new, something hard. You are the alpha, if you prove that to yourself and just amplify who you are with no outcome dependency one of two things will happen.

You will be LOVED or HATED. (don't ask for an in between because thats the friend zone )

So the next time you ask yourself what to text, i hope this gives you an understanding of the Mindset that you should have.

Have fun, Amuse yourself, make a decision and move on.
DONT over think.