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    Default Where to go from FB Into texting and going out

    So I met this chick, through email convo this is how it went

    Me: 25m here
    2 things I like anime and ps3
    which "badazz" animes r u interested in. I also have a place and my roommates ps3 which we share. Lets be friends.

    I'm the light skin guy on the left"
    ...I sent her a pic with me and a friend...

    Her:cool man. yea, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Akira, Naruto and Cromartie High School... just a few of my faves. I'm a big Star Trek fan too, not anime but still really sweet! i'm in the hollywood area, near melrose/ gower. what ya up to today?

    Me:Ahk yea I know where that's at.

    I'm bout to get off work in an hr.

    What's your name?

    Her:name's Athena. here's my youtube channel if you wanna see what i look like. cool, i don't have a car though, just so you know. but i'm still down to kick it

    ..after checking out her channel, I wrote this back, without acknowledging none of what she has said on previous emaill...

    Me:That disco dungeon dedicated to you mom rocks, beat is good and rhymes.

    I'm down to kick it yeah, I drive.

    What's your number so I can text you on my phone. Then I'll hit you up at 6

    ...she didn't respond, so once it was 6ish I wrote this; to salvage anything I can from it.

    Me:Hey what's up. I a little late. But I'm down. To kick it even though you are a star trek fan :-P
    Its a long shot. But im down if you are. If not let me know. Maybe for another time

    You should add me on Facebook..

    Her:waaahhh! hahaa, star trek is the sh1t... specifically The Next Generation. yea, ill hit you up on facebook.

    ..I know the convo is retarded but she did added me on FB and now I'm not sure how where to take it from here. I just read GnG guide for texting and a few just yesterday, but I have to go over them again several more times, to get the hang of it.

    If you guys can point me into the right direction, and maybe any pointers from this convo it would be great.
    I'm hoping from FB msgs I can go into texting, do it GnG style or some what, and finally meet up

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    Default Re: Where to go from FB Into texting and going out

    send her a msg that you and your mates are having a whatever tv show Marathon, tell her to com le don't ask her, just give her the address of the venue if she says no you don't have to follow through with it but you can - either way you can say it was fqcking awesome, make her feel like she missed out and in addition to her find someone else

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