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    Default Good places for a date.

    So I just want to get your guys opinion on some good places to take a girl on a date. Ill list a few in my arsenal and ill explain a little about each.
    Movie- Dont like this one due to the lack of communication and the safety with it
    Mall- Window shopping, people around us to talk about, play games like "what are those 2 next to us talking about", etc. Eateries, and sometimes fun places to go such as a puppy shop.
    Beach- Water, Bikini's, what more can you ask for?
    Downtown/local hotspot- For me in los angeles it is 3rd street. Performers on the street, places to go to, etc
    Dinner- This is another boring choice, but its very common. I dont like to pay for dinner usually, so I try to schedule after it. Of course, if I like the girl later on, I'll make her food and treat her often.
    Bowling- not a long date, fun activity to keep you guys busy
    Carnival/amusement park- Great vibe here, interactive things to do, get her emotions riled up on rides. Tap into many emotions. Thats very important
    Hike- This one has a little less Kino opportunities, but getting wild in nature is always fun if you have the right type of girl
    Museum-If you are passionate about something that has to do with a museum, and you can talk about it in depth, go for it. Not very romantic, though
    Pool/resort-With alcohol, pool, sun and music, alot of intemate oppertunities reside here. Especially the hot tub.
    Sport- Yeah, i dont consider bowling/pool as sports because you dont really work out. Going on a jog or teaching your girl about your favorite basketball move isnt bad. This isnt great for beginning, but just another activity for you guys to do.

    *Note: Try not to spend more than $40 on both of you the entire date. That is my cap. You dont need to even spend money (except for gas) for some dates. Trust me, follow this rule, and she wont leech onto you because of your money. This saves you agony, and builds attraction for who you are, not for green bills"

    Please list more ideas with a short explanation, or add onto things you can do in certain places. Good hunting.

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    Default Re: Good places for a date.

    take her shooting- this can be very exillerating for her especially if she has never shotten a gun. there is plenty of room for Kino putting her hands in the right place, correcting her stance, ect.. but the downfall is that you have to trust her with your guns and trust that she won't do anything that could get either of you hurt. always go over the rules of firearm safety before you put a gun in her hands and you have to own guns and pay for ammo.

    take her for a walk- though you touched on the walk in the wild, you can also take her to places around town. (a walk is a good addition to any date) not to mention that it is my favorite insta date, just walk around and talk to her. the best part is that it is the cheapest date i can think of.

    take her fishing- fishing is a very relaxing activity and it gives you lots of time to sit around talking to each other, you can sit on the bank togeather and get some kino in. the plus is that you will be isolated at a secluded pond. but the downfall is that it can get boring especialy if you don't catch any fish.

    take her for an atv ride- if you have a four-wheeler this is a good one for you, you can go out and ride around and get her excited. and odds are if shes riding behind you she will likely hold you tight (especialy if you are going fast on rough trails)

    music concerts- extremely loud, but it gives good entertainment especialy if its a band that she likes. its hard to go wrong with live music.

    go for a drive in the countryside- this is for use on girls who will appreciate some nice scenery, be sure to have a destination like a national park or forest or other site-seeing location. witch brings me to my next one-
    sight seeing-i don't know where your from, but in west virginia there are many locations for sight-seeing (most of wich also include hiking as an option) you can especialy take advantage of this by having a picnic at one of these sight-seeing locations.

    public events- this one is pretty broad, but any public gathering like a whine tasting festival, or a parade or a fair will work nicely.

    what i really want to say is that you can literally take a girl anywhere and have a good time. because ultimately you will determine weather the date is fun for her or not. you have to be the one to make the date fun. and btw i do not pay for dates period. the girl can cover her expenses and i will cover mine.

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