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    Lightbulb Need advice with HB10 i kissed closed but is away for a month :S

    Hey all!
    I am no expert. That's why I am asking if anyone is capable of helping out a brother with what could be an amazing start to a new year. If you want to skip intro story, start reading at ***. Cheers!

    Met this girl over the summer. Only managed to take her out once because of our work schedules and travels. Didnt speak to her before the Holidays. Then decided to send a msg to which she replied that she was going to be in town for a week. She was very happy to accept to go on a date. Frank success.
    Only reason I didnt kiss close then was because I acted like a AFC and thought taking it slow is what i should do since i really like her.

    *** Kissed closed on a second date I took her on this past Sunday. Success. Didint have the chance to Fclose, but didnt want to rush anything either. She was leaving the next day for work.
    Today is Wednesday. I txted her a few times on monday, always got great responses. She even messaged me that night after meeting up with some friends at the bar how she wished i could "keep her up longer that night, if only i was there". pretty obvious ioi.

    However, i havent messaged her yesterday at all to see if she would initiate to demonstrate interest. nothing. still havent txted today either.

    What could I send her, or what approach should I adopt to achieve the following:
    - I want her for more than just a fark
    - She seems to have ended a relationship not long ago --> i could be the rebound
    - Given the possibility that I might be "That" guy, what coulld i txt her to have her on a hook for when she comes back in a month to a month and a half?

    I would really appreciate some feedback! Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Need advice with HB10 i kissed closed but is away for a month :S

    so she's gone away for a month and you want to text her while she's away?

    lets take a more closer look at this, you want to develop a nice textin buddy relationship while she's away? ill tell you, no

    just send her some playful / funny texts over the 1 month, there's two guides sticked on the forum that are excellent, next don't always reply to her messages, send one disappear for a day or so, keep it random but you don't wanna get friendzoned while she's away whatever she gets up to , and see her asap when she gets back-kclose-fclose

    don't be boring in ur texts

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