Hey guys, I've been reading up tons of great info on here for about a month now. Things like profile do's and dont's and openers, the occasional 2nd message critique etc.

I was thinking it'd be really helpful if people could post more or less the entire convo from opener to #close/meet up. And if your feeling especially helpful, a critique of the convo. Something like, this is where I dhv'd , here was my first attempt at qualification, this was to get her to feel this way, etc.

I think it'll be helpful to us new guys to not only see profiles and openers but how to keep building that attraction, and eventually get the meet up or the number. Being as new as I am to the online game, I feel like I would be back to my normal convo self after a good opener, maybe that's good enough, but maybe I lose her in the process to building up to that #close. Having a benchmark to go by or some loose guideline might help ensure I finish the job.


Thanks for all the support