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    Default I like this girl (High School) (Her best friend likes me though)

    I am into a girl in one of my classes and at first she acted flirty and messed around with me for a bit and when she saw me driving she said, "hey you drive, why dont you ever take me on any dates??". She's a goofy kind of girl so I'm not sure if she was joking around or actually meant it. The problem is that her best friend likes me and the girl i like actually tried helping her best friend to try and get me to talk to her and what not. Although i think I made it pretty clear that i don't like her friend and i like her. This was all like weeks ago and i kind of gave up for a bit cuz i thought the girl i like would deny me because her best friend likes me. She kinda stopped messing around with me as she used to you know, but she still kind of does it. I don't consider myself shy but i think i have a hard time showing girls that I'm into them. I'm not as aggressive if you know what i mean, as in i don't say hey first to her and etc. She usually does it first... (Most girls usually talk to me first lol) Anyways... any input on this???

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    Default Re: I like this girl (High School) (Her best friend likes me though)

    She may have been half serious about that statement. Hard to really tell with only minimal details. But there does seem to be a lack of leading, which you are aware of already. So start becoming the shot caller. Men who know what they want and go for it usually get it. Not ones that sit around waiting. That's as simple as I can make it. Hope this helps.
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