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Thread: Talking to a girl who's talking to another guy(s)?

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    Default Talking to a girl who's talking to another guy(s)?

    Alright Before we begin, let me start by saying, I am a girl. I am bi. Talking to another female who is "curious". We have been talking for about 5 months. Ive taken her on 2 dates. Bought her a necklace on her bday that she loved. We've kissed a couple times. I've helped her out so much with moving and when she was dealing with ex-boyfriend drama. Me.

    Well lately, I have been suspecting that she had been also talking to this guy. But just the way he would comment on her status'. He would call her "boo" and nicknames like that. I didn't think much of it then.

    UNTIL recently she posted a status talking about the things she has gained since moving to this state. In which the guy proceeded to post "Don't forget you gained a new boo :-)" That's when I started to think she was messing around with other people. (she used to call me 'sweetheart'...she doesn't do that anymore)

    Do I have a right to be upset? We aren't in a relationship. Maybe I am just old fashioned, but i only ever talk to one person at a time. And it just feels weird that she's kissing me, and always wants me to stay over when this other guy could be doing the same. Not to mention, he's OLDER than me (I am younger than her) and he owns his own business. And me, as a female, am not in any mood to be trying to compete with a MAN relationship wise. I'm barely transferring to university.

    I don't know how to feel. I really like her, but i don't want to be some experiment to her while she's talking to other dudes. I feel like I am being used. I've done a lot for her. Not to mention, our text convos lately have gone really down hill. She takes FOREVER to text back these days. Either sometimes it'll take her 1-3 hours. Anything after that...she doesn't text back. And it really has me wondering.

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    Default Re: Talking to a girl who's talking to another guy(s)?

    i hate to say it, but she has probably already lost interest in being gay with you, to her you are just an experiment.she will fall for guys even if you do get rid of this one. your best bet for closing would be to get a threesome with you and one of her guys.
    though if you really want rid of one of her boyfriends use this
    best of luck ms.

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    Default Re: Talking to a girl who's talking to another guy(s)?

    I don't know why, but I always assume most attractive girls are talking to a bunch of other guys at once, and probably seeing them too.

    It doesn't phase me since I do the same.

    Meteora is right, she has lost interest. From the looks of it, you have invested too much, and she has invested very little. I don't really like talking about social dynamics and stuff like balance of power because it isn't very PC and most people get offended, but this is the perfect case. It sounds like she wasn't as into you as you were into her. She kept her options open while you "committed" to her.

    You have every right to be upset. This is how most guys who get friendzoned by girls feel. You have in effect been friendzoned and you can rest assured that whenever she needs help, comfort and anything that doesn't involve the two of you becoming lovers, she will contact you.

    Did she use you? Maybe. But that is how social relations work anyway, people using each other to achieve their goals.

    I'd advise you to forget about her and move on. You have the advantage of being bi, meaning you get a lot more options than most people here. It would be sad to give up your options over one girl who isn't into you like that

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