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    Default I'm a Beginner. I'm I friendzoned? She trusts me. HELP !

    Long story, short, I met this chick around one year ago in school. We hit it off real well, I always made her laugh, etc. I noticed many IOIs during the time we spent together in class. Whenever we didn't sit next to each other and came across eye contact, we would have a good amount of time were we just locked eyes. She would always move her hands through her hair, move closer to me when she had the chance, etc. We usually texted each other everyday and then there was some period after school ended where we stopped talking to each other (3 months or so). I never asked her out on a date because I was afraid of rejection. We hung out again, I thought this was the time to make the move. Guess what? I didn't. I was again scared to be rejected or something. This is where I believe she friend zoned me. We sat in the car and talked:

    Her: You really get along with girls don't you?
    Me: What do you think?
    Her: You are are a cool guy and really nice. I haven't chilled with a guy in a long time and when I usually do, they always check me out, etc.
    *I smile at her*
    Her: I trust you a lot. I don't know why but I really do. You should feel really comfortable with our friendship. (Before hand she mentioned she had a boyfriend)

    This is where I just believed I had lost it with her. Anyways, we texted each other after for two days and then I just stopped texting her. (During that time, I came across PUA) During that period, I just read whatever on this forum. I was going to text her back at all, I wanted he to text me. She did two days later. This was our text.

    Her: What you doing?
    Me: Picking up all the juanitos with the typical minivan. Lol (leading back to the conversation we had when we smoked)
    Her: Lmaoo
    Me: You are next!!!
    Her: Lol
    Her: Nah I got no kids for you to come get n make them work (I work a lot)
    Me: Lmao
    Her: There's this guy I'm friends with he's super nice but I'm scared of him, he seems like he's the guy that keeps bitches lock up n kills them slowly
    Me: Hope ur not talking about me and my building! Because if it is..... (leading back to where we smoked)
    Her: Lmaoooooo
    Her: Nah not u! I'm soo sure ur not that type even though ur Mexican
    Her: I actually trust u alot, like its weird but I do
    Me: I would know what to do with a body.... i wouldn't be surprised if any of my 5,000 cousins work with the cartels ( I joke around her about my large family)
    Me: Lol how is you trusting me suppose to be weird. That hurts my feelings :'(
    Her: Lmaoooooooo!!!!! The 5000 cracked me up
    Her: I think if I go to this guy house he's going to kill me lol
    Me: He would probably kill you but I wouldn't lol :P (a little flirting)
    Me: I don't know cause I'm seriously gonna start looking for a job next week
    Her: Lol okay
    Her: Hey apply fo my job
    Her: How's work?
    I ignored for at least 15 mins
    Me: Its horrible
    Her: Lol (She responds right away)

    We talk a bit more about non sense and conversation ends. Is that sort of texting ok? Where should I improve so I can still have a chance with this chick? What more should I do? Any info would work thanks!

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    Default Re: I'm a Beginner. I'm I friendzoned? She " trust " me. HELP !

    You are definitely in the friend zone. Deep in the friend zone. She's telling you she trusts you because she does NOT want you to hit on her. She's used to guys being in your situation then deciding to hit on her out of nowhere. Don't be one of these guys.

    If you haven't already, read The Venusian Artist Handbook. It explains the basic process of first building attraction, then build comfort, and finally seducing her. You, my friend, went straight to building comfort which is a one way ticket to the friendzone. Attraction helps her to look at you as a potential partner and THEN you get to know what kind of person she is in the comfort phase.

    As for your friend, you are already deep in the friend zone so use that. Let her introduce you to some of her friends and flirt with them instead. I can't tell you how many times I met women through my female friends and I didn't have to do half the work if it was, instead, a cold approach. Hope this helps and good luck.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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    Default Re: I'm a Beginner. I'm I friendzoned? She " trust " me. HELP !

    Boom homie. Or use her as a wing girl like bat man said.
    Caveat: Just because I feel a certain way about my journey doesn't mean you should feel the same about yours.

    If you can't say that you would rather die than not do it; you don't want it bad enough.

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