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Thread: How to keep your skills while in a relationship

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    Default How to keep your skills while in a relationship

    I'm wondering how most of you that are in relationships keep your PU skills during a relationship.

    Before I found out about PU I was in a three year relationship and at the end of it, it was like I had to start all over learning how to talk to woman again. I dont want to fall into this trap again so I figured to ask now

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    Default Re: How to keep your skills while in a relationship

    I have a few things I keep in mind, but you really only need one to have a good chance. And that is mastering frame control.

    If you read the quote that's attached to my comment, it basically means that it's not about who is right or wrong, but who has a stronger frame.

    Because women tend be thought of as the gatekeepers to things we like, such as sex, when she is upset our first instinct is to do everything in our power to make her happy. This is the bad way to approach. Period. It's basically kissing her ass when she didn't do anything to deserve it. Not saying you should try to be right ALL the time when you disagree, but just know when to let her have her way. And if you choose to let her have her way, you better make damn sure she had to work for that solution and not just give in automatically.

    So whenever she is upset, just remind yourself "Hey, this isn't the first time she'll be pissed. I'll talk to her later when she gets over it." Unless the issue is important to her then talk about it. But pick your battles because arguing about little things is really just bickering. And that kills attraction.
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