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    Default Surprising Success With Craigslist Personals...

    After crushing tons of rock and only getting a few diamonds on POF and OKC (field reports coming soon, you sick f@cks), I decided to go where few men have gone the barren cave that many call...Craigslist. I wrote out an ad that made me sound like a total @sshole. And to my great surprise..3 replies in 3 hours. I know, my thought was the same as yours...what the hell? I do have a couple of advantages that some of you may not have (hint: not my looks and I'm not rich) but the girls I was getting on there are as good as or better than I can do in real life. I checked to see if they were spam bots and none of those three were (I had a couple encounters earlier with some ones before I fixed my spam filter to weed them out). I'll post a picture later. The issue I'm having is that they ask for a picture, I e-mail back with one and then no replies after that. Does CL have a high rate of girls flaking after one msg? The replies I've gotten have been so eager that I don't think it's that. Am I telegraphing too much interest after sending a picture as soon as they ask after acting like a total douche in my ad? Or is it maybe that I'm using the wrong kind of picture and/or that I'm ugly? As always, and all help is appreciated from you guys.

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    Default Re: Surprising Success With Craigslist Personals...

    bad pic . i'd experiment untill you start getting conistent replies, then, you've found your go to pic. alternatively, give them your facebook info. risk of being stalked if ya do that though ha.
    try a pic of you with other people to show social proof

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