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    Default Long distance text game

    Hi all,

    So I went to Seattle a couple months ago on business trip and met up with my close friend J. J introduced me to her friends. Right after I got back to my city, her friend S added me on FB and asked me a question about Chicago (I had mentioned that it's one of my favorite cities). S then went to study abroad in China and won't be back to Seattle until mid march, but we continued chatting online. Our conversations are a bit stale IMO despite me trying text gaming tactics. For example, I would throw in some future projection baits, but she would respond with "oh that's nice" and such. Or I would say something like "blablablabla, oh btw, just saw this super fancy icecream cake in the store that looks just like the one we had!", and she would respond with "really? you should try it and let me know if its good haha".

    The thing is, my friend J told me that S has the hugest crush on me and even showed me their chat convos, so I'm quite confused. Recently S even told J that she wants me and asked J what would be a good way to make me interested in her.

    A couple things that I've been doing:

    - I usually take a while to respond my FB messages (we both have FB messenger on our phones), sometimes hours

    - I rarely "end" our conversations. For instance, if we're talking about one topic and its midnight in my timezone, instead of saying goodnight, I would just go to sleep after she writes something, then message her back the next day on the same topic.

    - I use future projections, like "just discovered this super awesome forest themed lounge! I'll take you next time if you promise to be good =P "

    - One thing to keep in mind is that, she's not exactly a confident girl, so I'm trying to be careful not to neg her or play cocky too much. She's also never had a boyfriend before(according to many of her close friends), which is quite strange...

    Am I doing anything wrong here? I've never had problems like this with other girls, since they usually bite onto my hook points and we would carry on the conversation or even escalate pretty smoothly. I'm dating other girls at the same time, but I do wanna keep the attraction with this one

    Thanks a ton! any suggestions are most welcomed

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    Default Re: Long distance text game

    viper - ur doing fine... i've been in ur shoes and i hook BIG catches (HB8/9s).!!

    thing abt long distance text game.... is it's all abt patience.

    keep doing what ur doing - the results will come around.

    the nit picky thing here is - u don't have to neg her, but u do have to challenge her...

    don't agree with everything - cause some friction. the more she likes u, the more she will submit to ur wat of thinking

    calling her out on bad behavior (do this funny). i normally threaten to call OPRAH on a girl when she brings any attitude... i tell her the BLACK is coming out, call OPRAH.! mind u, all my ex's/dates are asian.

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