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Thread: How to NOT anticipate her every Text.

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    Default How to NOT anticipate her every Text.

    Good morning fellow PUA and thanks for looking into this small guide.

    This thread is about how to deal with One-itis, neediness or overall AFC/ beta-ish behavior when it comes to texting aka waiting for your phone to ring. After going through the two major sticky guides in here i kinda wondered why they always tell you to not be the guy who always double checks his phone but deliver no tips.

    Let's start off with the fact that I was pretty beta-ish when it came to text game a while ago. So after i read all these warnings and "Do not do X" I came up with ways to help me do that. and i want to share 2 little tips with you today and maybe some more later when i can come up with them.

    I'm not even gonna touch the whole Inner-Game stuff since there are way better guides for that out there that will help you increase your dominant nature and alpha levels.

    So these tips would be for guys who are confident enough but still wait for her to text back and those who are fairly new and want a head start.

    1. If you don't know you won't care

    So assuming you got this girl or several girls you have orbiting and text them on a regular basis it is generally a bad idea to always look at your phone wondering if you missed her text or why she won't answer.

    considering you have a large social circle you will get several texts from several people or groups and will check your phone as soon as it rings/vibrates. well don't do that! Especially if you are waiting for her to text you don't check your phone every 5 minutes because it got some message from somebuddy.

    Here's what to do: Disable all and every Notification (ringtone AND vibration) from texts. Be it whatsapp or regular.

    Here's why: If you don't even know you've got a text you won't be compelled to check and answer at ALL. what you have to do then is check your phone every 2 or so hours and interact with those who need it.

    Some of you guys might think but what if it is urgent or something? guess what! if it is that important most guys/girls will give you a call; and if they don't you can always ask them why they did not call and put the blame on them =P

    2. Be busy, be elsewhere

    so the second tip revolves around getting your mind off of her/them/your phone etc. your phone not making any sounds will help you forget about it but what you have to do as well is:

    Do something; anything that will keep you occupied. go out with friends or go for a walk, have dates or hardcore xbox gaming nights i don't know what's your hobby?

    If you can forget your cell so you will that girl you've been chasing.

    So these two tips are useful for casual texts and will be useless for an ongoing chat. But I hope some of you guys will find this helpful in order to NOT anticipate her every text ;D

    Feedback will be appreciated
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    - William Ernest Henley

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    Default Re: How to NOT anticipate her every Text.

    I totally agree. I guess some guys are more addicted to their phones than others. I only recently discovered game and before that i was chatting to this girl through fb mainly for a loong time. Something went wrong and I didnt know why, even then having read about game theory. Turns out what I was texting was textbook game...because most of the actual texts i sent were sooo totally beta it was actually shameful to read back the fb chat conversations. Anyway, I'm moving on and not giving a crap, acting more alpha every day

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    Default Re: How to NOT anticipate her every Text.

    while I agree on this for beginners, when you adopt the Mindset that you don't give a fqck, you don't need to do any of this, being busy should be a priority of your lifestyle anyway

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