Using some of the styles around here I came up with what I think is fairly witty opener. Now, I have only used it 5 times so far on OK Cupid (don't want to spam it if it doesn't work out) but all 5 viewed my profile... only one messaged back.

Now, I already know my profile has issues... mainly pictures (I have no recent pictures of me doing cool sh1t without my ex-wife or kids in it too).

Anyone have feedback on if this line is a good one or is willing to test it out with a good profile? As long as you aren't using it around Charlotte, here it is:

Psst... hey [insert name if was in profile] ... I'm going to let you in on a secret, only because you like [plug something from profile]...

I'm undercover right now but could use a sidekick... I'm thinking of taking the diamonds and making a run for it rather than turning these bad guys over... What skills do you bring to the table?