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    Lightbulb Blazeboy’s and Xmrider’s advice on how to text foreign girls

    For your text game when gaming foreign girls.

    Say something funny, but translate the english to whatever language on Google Translate (or even better if you have a friend around you that speaks the foreign language). What would be good is to find a nick name to call her in her own language, but for that you would really need a friend that speaks the language well.

    If the girls responds in her language, simply translate it to english in google translate, or have that friend around.

    It works for a number of reasons...

    1) most guys she meets in America do not speak her language if she comes from a country where their language is not that popular, and they do not use this technique,

    2) it's cute, that all of a sudden you are speaking the language and it catches her by surprise (emotional response),

    3) her English is clearly not that great, and sometimes foreign women get frustrated that they can't say exactly how they are feeling in English... so this will help.

    4) it can show that you are open minded and interested in other cultures
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    Default Re: Blazeboy’s and Xmrider’s advice on how to text foreign girls

    the only problem is that lots of stuff doesn't translate the same. often times someing gets lost in the translation either because her language doesn't have a word for the word you use, or because her language has multiple words for different versions of the one word you used. for instance hebrew has at least 9 different words for the word love each of witch is a different degree of love with a different meaning.
    also the translate often gets the grammer wrong. so you won't always make since.

    my best advice would be to help her learn english

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