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    Default Met a girl on a ski trip a couple days ago and not sure how to text her

    Hey all, I've been lurking these forums for a while now. I've learned some pretty good information from all of you on here and it has definitely helped me out in the past. However, right now I am having some trouble on texting this girl for the first time.

    I met her this past weekend on a Ski Trip. She was in the cabin I stayed in, along with 40 other people. My memory from that night is a bit fuzzy as there was some alcohol involved. But I do remember most of it. It started off just conversing about things we are both interested in, in this case it was about music and the latest events we went to. Had a couple drinks with her and proceeded to dance with her for the majority of the night. Nothing super sexual, just held her hand and held her close while dancing. We end up passing out together and cuddled the whole night (didn't kiss close). I didn't have the chance to really talk to her the next morning because everyone was running around packing up and cleaning as we all had to be out of the cabin by 10am. Said a few words to her in the morning, nice meeting you and all that, number closed, and left the cabin.

    Now I'm sitting here thinking of ways to text her. Since I don't remember too many details of the night I am a bit stuck and I would really appreciate some help.


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    Default Re: Met a girl on a ski trip a couple days ago and not sure how to text her

    text her:
    -hey i have three (insert her name here) with no last names one is smart one is sexy one is fun which one are u?
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