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    Default Flaking... How to respond (if at all) and how to avoid

    Had a date planned for tonight and just got a text from her she wants to cancel. Not the first time I had this crap. More than once I've had "Sorry too busy" or "Not in the right Mindset at this moment" or whatever from girls.

    Three questions:

    1. Do I respond anything to this, and what? Obviously no desperate, offended, offensive, or otherwise emotional response. I want to convey I remain unphased with this. But is something like "OK too bad, take care" all right? Or is that too easy-going, I mean implicitly I'm letting her get away with this BS.

    2. How do avoid this from happening?

    And while I'm at it:

    3. Any theories on why women do this?

    Thanks gentlemen.

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    Default Re: Flaking... How to respond (if at all) and how to avoid

    There is a lot to tell. First is that if you want to decrease flaking then make sure your game is tight within the first 20 min of talking before you get the phone number and separate. But that only decreases, not eliminates.

    Also if you want some heavy duty critiquing then we need to know a bit more about the interactions you have had with her (and others) thus far.
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